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Likey's and Buddies   |   
28 Jan 2007   |   
39542 unique views

So, it's Saturday night. And I'm coding. And I don't mind. I think I need to see a shrink (but if this is a Catch 22, I guess I don't! :S).

Well, we've transitioned to the new server and things seems to be running smoothly overall. For those of you who still have problems accessing the site (i.e. you get the message "page not found") it could be an issue with your ISP still using the wrong IP address from our old DNS (yeah, the Domain Name Server got updated but normally after 24hrs the proxy's should have automatically updated this data). You could try:

In Windows:
Go to the "START" menu and click on the "RUN" button, then type:
ipconfig /flushdns
Now hit
Now restart your computer and internet connection.

In terms of server performance stats, things look a lot healthier now though hopefully, and more importantly, you will have noticed a significant improvement in performance.
Because of this, we can finally (!) roll out the buddies widget. It's not quite web2.0 but I think it acts reasonably like it. We hope you like it.

In addition, following on from a suggestion from BeakerSt and taking inspiration from our veteran shutterchance member Subys, we've also included a widget entitled "LIKEY". Basically, this will allow you to tag in shutterchance pics you particularly liked. The concept's not fully developed but as opposed to the buddies thing, we thought might as well put it out there and see the response.

Right, I'm off to see Troy (I know, I know - it's just I never got round to it until tonight. btw, 300 looks pretty coool). Feel free to comment/feedback your thoughts on these new widgets either here or on the discussion forums.


P.S. We know the left hand side is getting a bit crowded and Jide is close to finishing an even more minimalist template.

Addendum: I'm such an attention craver, I've extended this post to Sunday :P

Mary MacADNski from Prince Edward Island, Canada 27 January 2007, 23:17

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for Shutterchance. I love it! I have three other blogs and this one is my favorite. It works so well, is easy to use, the community is fantastic and you all deserve a round of applause...or at least a song.

John: Many thanks. It's comments like these that keep us going (not to mention make us blush ) Plus music! Thanks.

Red Pen from United States 30 January 2007, 18:34

The "likey" function isn't working for me. Is it fully functional?

Hadassah! from United States 19 January 2010, 08:23

hello john,i have two shutterchance photoblogs. one is up and runnin and the other is not, i want to close the non-functional one and continue with the up and running one. What do i do?
secondly people have made comments that they are yet to see my photoblog( i guess it still shows upcoming).
i need ppple to make comments on ma pix, but they cant see them.


ope to hear from u soonest


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